Mission Statement


BMD Medical Consulting is a workers' compensation consulting firm committed to quality review services to the professional workers' compensation community in Texas and throughout the United States. We provide expert unbiased, accurate and timely independent reviews to assure the effective administration of the utilization review and cost containment process.


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Company Structure & Information

BMD Medical Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2005. Our primary function is to provide physician advisor services in the utilization review, dispute resolution and medical/legal process in the area of workers’ compensation. We are dedicated to providing independent, quality service to the workers compensation system throughout the United States through dissemination of information, medical support, and review services. We also provide services regarding long-term and short-term disability claims.

BMD Medical Consulting uses only the highest quality board eligible/certified providers and practitioners from a variety of specialties with recognized expertise in their respective fields.

Time is of the essence in this process. Our innovative technology and streamlined model structure allows us to timely process a high volume of cases. Structural integrity, secure technology and applied theoretical design give us the ability to propel the utilization review/case management system beyond its traditional capabilities.

For more information on BMD's services and how we can benefit your company, please contact us at: 866.912.8230 or by email.